Culture Matters in Job Recruitment

Introduction Culture matters in job recruitment. Hiring people to fill up vacant positions in the company requires that the new recruit does not only possess the necessary skill and talent for the job but also a "perfect fit" in the company's organizational culture. Assuming that the applicant has all the qualifications, the primary question a …

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2 Key Areas to Know the Job Applicant’s Character

Introduction Job interview is all about impression management. On the one hand, the applicant must project his/her best image and impress the interviewer with his/her appearance and performance to get the job. On the other hand, the interviewer--knowing the limitation of the encounter--must exhaust all means during the interview to know the real self of …

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Functions of Persistent Rumors in Business

Introduction It is normal in any business organization to hear rumors against the company, managers, supervisors as well as fellow employees. Unlike gossip, rumors deal with social issues, not personalities, that affect a sector of a company or the entire business organization. People may immediately dismiss rumors as hearsay and unproductive talk. But if they …

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