Some Signs that Your Partner is Lying about your Relationship! (Part I)


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Allow me, first of all, to welcome and to thank you all my friends for joining me in this blog. This blog would not persevere without your support. The goal of this website is  to help people understand the complex behavioral issues they face in their relationships and social lives through the sociological perspective. If we are not scientific in our approach in understanding our personal problems, we could not find more suitable solutions.

In this post, I will provide some simple clues whether one’s partner or spouse is lying in a personal conversation about the relationship by just observing his or her demeanor and body language. Well, this is not conclusive, but many behavioral scientists would find the following body language as indicative of lying.

But what is lying? Well, lying is the giving of false information to the person who has the right to know the truth. In a romantic and marital relationship, any false information that directly affects the relationship is lying, but anything that is personal to the partner that does not affect  the relationship is not lying but falsehood. Lying is unethical but falsehood is not, since it is a means to protect one’s privacy and security!

Friends, here some signs of lying. These are just common signs, but avoid absolutizing  them. This is the first part. I’ll post show more signs in the next post. This is a revised blog of my LinkedIn article on Signs of Lying. I hope you’ll find this post helpful!

  1. Your Partner Avoids eye Contact

Your partner may assert that s/he is telling the truth but s/he avoids eye contact. This can indicate that s/he be may hiding something. Avoiding eye contact usually arouses suspicion that the person is hiding something. Moreover, lack of eye contact can also indicate the partner’s lack of confidence and may still be thinking what to answer to your questions.

       2. Your Partner Changes Head Position Quickly Before Answering

Your partner may be lying or hiding something during your conversation if you notice that s/he suddenly makes a head movement when asked with a direct question. If s/he retracts, jerks back, bows down, cocks, or tilts his/her head to the side before responding to a question can indicate lying or mentally reserving something untruthful.

3. Your Partner Changes Breathing Patterns Heavily

One partner can easily feel if the other in front of him/her changes breathing pattern fast. This change of breathing pattern is said to be a reflex action for someone who is hiding something. When he or she breathing changes, his/her shoulders will rise and his/her voice can get shallow, the person is lying. S/he may be out of breath because his/her heart rate and blood flow change as she or he is trying to find alternative answers. These types of changes are usually attributed to someone who is nervous and feeling tense because of lying.

4. Your Partner Stands Still When Asked a Question

It’s common to see people to fidget when they get nervous. But it is also possible that they do not move at all when they are nervous because of lying. “This may be a sign of the primitive neurological ‘fight,’ rather than the ‘flight,’ response, as the body positions and readies itself for possible confrontation. “When you speak and engage in normal conversation, it is natural to move your body around in subtle, relaxed, and, for the most part, unconscious movements. So if you observe a rigid, catatonic stance devoid of movement, it is often a huge warning sign that something is off.”

5. Your Partner is Repeating words and Phrases

Another clue that your spouse or partner is lying is when he repeats words or phrases when asked about somethings. In this case, your partner is trying to convince you of something and is trying to validate the lie in his/her mind. S/he may say: “I didn’t…I didn’t…” over and over again. The repetition is also a way to buy themselves time as they attempt to gather their thoughts.

6. Your partner is Giving Unnecessary Information

When someone goes on and on and gives you too much information — information that is not requested and especially an excess of details — there is a very high probability that your partner may not be telling the truth. “Liars often talk a lot because they are hoping that, with all their talking and seeming openness, others will believe them.”

7. Your partner is Touching or Covering His/her Mouth 

If your partner will automatically put his/her hands over his/her mouth when s/he doesn’t want to deal with an issue or answer a question can be a sign of lying. This means that s/he is not revealing everything or s/he just don’t want to tell the truth.

8. If Your Partner has a Difficulty to Speak

Liars can run out of words or show difficulty in speaking to defend his/her lies. This is caused by the decrease of salivary flow in the nervous system during times of stress which can dry out the mucous membranes of the mouth. But the interviewer should also be alert to sudden lip biting or pursed lips by the applicant as a potential sign of lying..

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