Why Marital Commitments Change?


There is only one important reason why people’s commitments in marriage or romantic relationship change. Commitments transform because people and situations always alter through time which are often beyond human control. Married couple’s commitment to love one another, for instance, can deteriorate because one or both partners gradually dislike each other due to physical change. A change in one’s body because of age, illness, or a “loss of a youthful and sexy body” can sometimes alter a partner’s love for the other. So many couples separate because the husband or wife finds the other “unattractive.” If  the married couples lack strong spiritual values, they would more likely divorce due  to a “lost of love” in one or both partners.



Another factor is the change in the social circumstances. Situations mutate that can force committed people to change their views of the other. For instance, a young and happy couple living a middle class lifestyle may experience frequent fights that can eventually lead to separation due to economic pressure when their businesses are down or bankrupt. Or a happy couple can end up filing a divorce when one partner discovered that the other has a one-night stand with a beautiful person. People in society live in social networks. They cannot avoid meeting with “exciting people” with other circles of friends.


Lastly, people stayed until death in a marital relationship because they accept and forgive their partners’ faults and betrayals. This implies a strong philosophy and spirituality in life that can strengthen people’s resolve to love their partners “no matter what” because they believe in something supernatural. Commitment in relationship implies daily negotiation between partners and a spiritual resolve to stay together because they love one another in front of a Supreme Being.


Photo credits: Pexels.com free photos

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