5 Secrets Wives Won’t Tell their Husbands

It is always a taboo or prohibited for a wife to tell her husband how she felt with her former boyfriends or past partners. Even if the husband would personally ask her, the wife would not usually reveal all about her past relationships, especially if she feels that her secrets can affect the marital relationship.

The wife usually keeps secret her special feelings with her former boyfriends or partners to avoid the jealous feelings of the husband. Keeping this type of secret could benefit the marriage. Revealing how she felt with ex-boyfriends can hurt his feelings. What is the past should stay in the past?

2. Her Sexual History


Telling the wife’s past sexual history to her husband, especially she had different partners in the past, would be unnecessary as this could cause jealousy or personal conflict–unless, of course, the wife is infected with STD that can affect the husband’s health. The topic of her past sexual history can also bring about harsh judgment and ridicule and overshadows her true character. While it’s a good idea to talk about how you maintain your sexual health and promote sexual responsibility, the rest of the wife’s sexual past is her business only.

3. She Did Something Dumb.


Maybe the wife tripped on the curb as she boarded the bus to work. Or perhaps she left her wallet or keys at home and had to turn around to get them. It is unnecessary for the wife to tell her husband that she had done something stupid that concerns trivial things. The husband may be amused to hear these stupid acts, but it can also lower his appreciation of the wife’s character and may affect the marital relationship. The wife may selectively tell her husband (or not tell him at all) if she had done something that she feels stupid.

4. She Noticed that Her Husband has Gained Weight


Women can forget that body image comments aren’t just hurtful for females, they can also harm men. Telling the husband that he gains weight may be unnecessary especially if there is no serious health issues are involved. Unmarried and young people are more concerned with their looks and weight in order to be desirable during courtship. But once two people are already married and more preoccupied with raising a family, the concern for physical appearance and weight may take a backseat. The husband’s gaining weight can be a good occasion for the wife to invite him to go to the gym with her. Working out together in a gym can become a good opportunity for the husband and the wife to improve their personal bonding.

5. She Prepared a Special Date or Booked a Special Vacation


Of course, this is self-explanatory. Preparing for a special date or vacation to celebrate a wedding anniversary or the husband’s birthday must obviously be done in secret. It is usually the wife who often remembers special occasions or anniversaries. Making some surprises for the husband once in a while can enhance the marital relationship and personal intimacy between spouses.


Christian Teaching on Marriage

Marriage is sacred: What God has united, let no man put asunder (Matthew 9:16).


Some Rules for a Happy Marriage, especially for newly weds:


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